Soil Blends

50/50 Garden Blend

Optimal mix for starting new raised vegetable & herb gardens, great for building up and contains high amounts of organic material. $45.00 per yard.

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Gro-Max is a dark, rich, soil formulated for optimum root growth and plant health. Recommended for vegetable gardens, flower beds and amending nutrient deficient soils. $49.00 per yard.

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Gro-Turf® – *NEW*

Organic topdress blend used to maintain turf, encourage grow-in or assist in over-seeding. $58.00 per yard.

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Triple-Mix For Trees & Shrubs

Our Triple-Mix is a screened soil mix that has compost and black peat loam added for nutrients. Recommended for starting new garden beds, this soil builds up well and has excellent soil texture. $40.00 per yard.

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Topsoil for Grading

A well balanced screened topsoil enriched with compost, recommended for building up low areas and grading your lawn for under sod. $34.00 per yard.

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Premium Herb & Veg Potting Soil  **NEW**

This premium potting soil is ideal for potted herbs, vegetables, and other edible plants.  Herb & Veg is ready to use straight from the bag for all your home growing needs

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