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We now carry Vegetable Garden Fertilizer & All Purpose Fertilizer. See in store for details.

Seed and fertilizer can be taken with driver on delivery

Sod 2’x5′

Now available, call to reserve your sod today!

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Premium Plus Mixture

Consists of 35% Kentucky Bluegrass, 35% Creeping Red Fescue and 30% Slider LS Perennial Ryegrass. A great all-purpose option for yards that are both sunny and somewhat shady. 1 kg will seed a new lawn area up to 474 square feet.

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Deluxe Overseed LS

Consists of 20% Kentucky Bluegrass, 20% Creeping Red Fescue, 30% Sienna LS Perennial Ryegrass, 30%Insight LS Perennial Ryegrass. 1kg will seed a new lawn area up to 474 square feet.

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Super Shade

Consists of 30% Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Chewing Fescue, 20% Poa Trivialis, 30% Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass. These lawn grasses grow better than most in more heavily shaded locations. 1kg will seed a new lawn area up to 474 square feet.

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White Clover Seed (500g)

Grows harmoniously with traditional lawn grasses. It spreads quickly, eliminates the need for fertilizer, and is extremely drought resistant.

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Wildflower Mix

Wildflower mixture contains a carefully selected mixture of 21 different annual and perennial wildflowers.

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Earth’s Honey Organic Fertilizer (9.1 kg)

Enhances soil nourishment & moisture holding capacity for your soil. Naturally organic, stimulates microbial activity and can be applied at any time of the season.

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Vegetable Garden Natural Fertilzer

Recommended for new and existing vegetable & herb gardens.

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10-6-4 Quick Release Nitrogen

Apply at full rate in September (Fall application is actually more important than spring)

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