General Benefits of Mulching

Layers of mulch form an excellent weed barrier and cooler root zone for vigorous growth. Mulch reduces evaporation for less watering and helps prevent soil erosion. It is recommended that you apply 2”– 4” of mulch to maximize the benefits.

Shredded Bark Mulch: consists of mainly bark (80-90%), which will break down within 2-5 years. As it breaks down, mulch will add nutrients to your soil, improving the over-all soil structure. Our mulch has good weight characteristics for staying in place. Most people like to top up a little each year to keep that fresh look; to maintain all the benefits, is it important to refresh your mulch every few years. We recommend that you come in to see the different mulches before ordering, as the major difference between them are simply the way they look.

Our Bark mulches have distinct advantages over coloured recycled wood mulches – less colour wash off, more organic matter going into the soil, more water retention, and less risk of toxins leaching into the soil from contaminated wood.

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