Gro-Turf® is used primarily as a top dress to maintain turf and improve turf conditions. If seeding a new area, it is important to irrigate multiple times per day, especially when the sun is high and air conditions are dry. Seed should be covered with a layer of high moisture holding organic material to keep seed moist throughout the germination process. It is very important seed does not dry out before or after
germination. Once turf area is established, irrigation can be reduced.

  • Organic blend of composted pine bark, leaf and yard compost and coir
  •  Feeds microbes to the soil
  • Promotes water holding for overseeding
  • Helps break down thatch
  • Flows through a spreader
  • Size – 25L
  • If you have low areas, we recommend grading with Topsoil first before topdressing

*Colour may vary depending on your screen