Common Questions

Product Questions

What is a yard?

  • A cubic yard is a measurement of volume = to 27 cubic ft or 100 sq ft at 3 inches thick

How many bags in a yard?

  • Of our bags we get approximately 16 Mulch, 35 soil and 40 stone in 1 yard.

Delivery Questions

Can I order online?

  • As of 2019, we offer online ordering in the Niagara Region. For now, we can only process single product deliveries and if you need multiple products, please call or come into our store.

Does it come in bag?

  • We do not sell our bulk material in big yard bags. We are able to deliver more product at a much lower price and also find it easier to shovel mulch, soil and stone off the ground instead of out of a bag. We sell smaller bags that you can pick up at our store.

How long does it take to get delivery?

  • We can typically deliver same day or next however, as much notice that you can give is appreciated.

How much clearance do I need for the truck?


At Trails End we really care about our trucks. SO much in fact that they all have their own names! Each truck is different in size and holding capacity, which allows us to choose the right one for the job. Please be sure to mention any delivery concerns before or after placing your order. Here is a list of some of our delivery options;

  • Single-axle delivery
  • Split-load delivery (not available for online ordering)
  • Tri-axle delivery

Interested in one of our services?

Make sure to contact us for more information about pricing and availablity.

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