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Gro-Max is a dark, rich, soil formulated for optimum root growth and plant health. Recommended for vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawn seeding and amending nutrient deficient soils.

    • Light weight blend of compost, aged bark and peat
    • Well-draining soil that resists compaction
    • Formulated for optimum root growth and plant health
    • High organic matter content, optimum pH, water holding and porosity
    • pH 6.8 – 8.0
    • OMRI listed for organic use

OMRI Listed

Premium Topsoil

A well balanced screened topsoil enriched with compost, recommended for building up low areas and grading your lawn for under sod.

  • Screened
  • Sandy loam texture
  • Added leaf and grass compost
  • Good soil structure


Our Triple-Mix is a screened soil mix that has compost and black peat loam added for nutrients. Recommended for starting new garden beds, this soil builds up well and has excellent soil texture.

  • Screened soil
  • Leaf and grass compost
  • Black Peat Loam
  • Sandy loam soil texture
  • Excellent soil structure
  • Good moisture retention

Contractor Soil

Contractor Soil is used where added nutrients aren’t required. An economical alternative.

Potting Soil

A complete, ready-to-use soil for potting indoor plants.

  • For container potting of a wide variety of plants
  • Contains, peat humus, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, sand, lime, fertilizer with micronutrients
  • Weed free
  • Ready to use

You don’t know how much you need? Call us or come in with your dimensions, we can help!